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Due to the rapidly expanding and evolving nature of the health care system, careers in Nursing are expected to continue to grow significantly over the next decade. In addition, the role of the professional nurse is expanding to include an emphasis on leadership, management, advanced practice and education.

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  • Stories and Advice from Nursing School: Nursing school is a fast-paced learning environment. You need to bring your A-game each and every day and that gets tough. It helps to receive some guidance and suggestions from those who have been through it.

Nursing is a broad career field with many different areas of specialization and responsibility. There are various career and educational entry paths involved in becoming a Nurse and you will need to decide which one fits your case. Becoming a Nursing Assistant has very different requirements than does becoming a Registered Nurse.

Are you in High School? Do you have your High School Diploma or a GED? Do you have a Bachelor's Degree in another field? These articles discuss what the first steps are to becoming a Nurse depending on your current education level and a host of related information:

You will also need to know what the licensure requirements are for registered Nurses in your state.

Working in your first nursing position is a huge change from nursing school. Things might not be quite what you expected or maybe they are. Either way, life is different now and learning about other Nurses challenges and achievements can be a powerful tool. These articles provide insight to the real world of nursing. They may help you cope or they may help you laugh. Either way these articles could prove as useful guides at any stage of your nursing career.

Helping Nursing Students Navigate the Financial Aid Highway

Nursing Scholarships offer future Nurses as well as current Nurses a way to help fund some of or all of their education. There are several types of Nursing scholarships and loans to consider. Some require work commitments and some do not. There are scholarships just for men and there are some just for minorities. Scholarships and loans come from many different funding sources such as non-profit nursing organizations and government entities. It can be difficult to navigate through all of the opportunities out there. Here the most popular as well as the more obscure nursing scholarships are broken down into categories to help you more easily find scholarships that match your qualifications.

Education and The Nursing Profession

Nurses in hospitals, community health centers, group practices, long term care facilities, and elsewhere in the health care community, are being called upon to lead and manage departments within their organizations. In addition, they are being asked to become educators, not only for the patients, but for the future nurses in their communities. For those interested in pursuing or advancing a career in the field of nursing, this is an excellent time. This site provides you with many degree programs and career options to explore. It is our goal to provide you with enough information to help you reach your professional goals and aspirations.

Many universities offer both online and campus based programs. Online nursing programs have become increasingly popular over the past several years. They are meant to provide a convenient and flexible option for working registered nurses or other health care professionals. Most schools allow you to complete coursework at your own pace. Browse a wide variety of accredited nursing schools to learn more about the exciting and rewarding career opportunities that await you.

Find a Nursing Program in your state, everything from a Nursing Assistant program to the Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree:


All Nursing Schools in a state must be licensed and approved by that state's board of nursing and or department of education. Why is NLNAC or CCNE accreditation so important? What impact does accreditation have on national certification in advanced nursing practice roles? Why do you need to consider a nursing program's and a nursing school's accreditation?

These articles shed some light on these questions:

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