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When selecting a nursing school there are many options to consider. Online nursing schools have become increasingly popular for working registered nurses and LPN/LVNs due to the flexibility the programs offer. For instance, those with an LPN/LVN, RN or bachelor’s in nursing can continue working as a nurse while attending LPN to BSN program, an RN to BSN program or an RN to MSN program at many of top nursing schools in the country. Online DNP programs are starting to become more prevalent as well. Online nursing schools offering RN to MSN and DNP programs provide specialization options in most any area a nurse would want to specialize including advanced practice, leadership and management, educator, forensic nursing, geriatrics, pediatrics and more.

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With the exception of Excelsior College, there is not one entry to nursing online nursing program offered in the U.S. that holds CCNE or NLNAC accreditation. Accreditation and your state’s board of nursing approval of a nursing program you attend is critical to your eligibility for licensure in your state as well as future professional certifications in nursing. So, if you are here researching entry to nursing type programs such as CNA, LPN/LVN, Diploma, Associate’s in Nursing or BSN programs you will need to search for a program in the state where you want to practice as a CNA, LPN/LVN or registered Nurse. Use the search feature on this site or the navigation in the right column to find an entry to nursing program in your state. Whether you are looking for a campus based nursing school to become a nurse or an online nursing school looking to advance your nursing career, education, and salary, there are many accredited programs for you to choose from.

While job prospects are diminishing in many fields today, the areas of nursing and health care are growing rapidly. With the growing nursing shortage, jobs for nursing are abundant in many states and as the economy trends more positively there will be more openings presented. Going to nursing school has become a popular choice for those looking for a potentially lucrative career with a positive job outlook and growing wages. The BLS as well as almost every state’s workforce data report that employment of registered nurses is expected to grow much faster than the average of all occupations through 2018 and beyond.

Nursing comprises the largest number of workers in the health care sector. Almost every state as well as Canada have been reporting a shortage of nurses. Future projections are startling as well. By the year 2020, HRSA projections put the shortage of nurses throughout the U.S. at over one million. This stat, released in 2006, spurred states to reevaluate their strategies and develop new ones to attract new nurses to the workforce. Scholarships, grants, tuition repayment programs and other creative ideas have been implemented by states to incentivize new nurses to go to school as well as to encourage veteran nurses to return to school and become educators, practitioners and leaders in all areas of nursing.

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