RN to MSN Bridge Programs in Rhode Island

The April, 2008 Rhode Island Health Care Industry Skills Gap Analysis conducted by the Center for Health Professions cited a significant population decrease for the 20 to 34 age group in the state of Rhode Island. What this means is that there are fewer young people entering the health care work force at a time when the elderly population is rapidly growing. Nurses and nursing faculty are approaching retirement age which will contribute to the already critical nursing shortage that Rhode Island currently faces. What all this means is that there is a need for master’s educated nurses in all areas of professional nursing. The RN to MSN is a pipeline for a younger generation of nurses to prepare themselves for roles in advanced practice nursing, nursing faculty and other professional nursing leadership positions.

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RN to MSN Online Programs Offered in Rhode Island

The RN to MSN programs offered in Rhode Island can be completed in three years depending on the student, course load, concentration and other factors. Three years to go from a diploma or associate’s educated registered nurse to a master’s in nursing educated nurse compared to a traditional route is a significant decrease in time. A nurse in the traditional MSN route would earn a BSN and then practice for at least two years (required by many MSN programs) and then attend an 18 to 24 month master’s program. According to the afore mentioned data, younger nurses are desperately needed and the traditional route takes longer.

Master’s prepared nurse educators are in high demand at the colleges and universities in Rhode Island that offer diploma, associate’s and baccalaureate entry-level nursing programs. This is one of the roots of Rhode Island’s nursing shortage. Clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse informatics positions and nurse leader positions are also in need of a younger generation of nurses. The pay is often much better than it is for diploma and associate’s educated nurses. Three years is a commitment, however, most graduates find that the rewards and career opportunities are well worth the investment professionally and personally. An RN to BSN program can be completed in as little as one year and is a nursing career advancing step as well. Learn about the RN to BSN programs in Rhode Island.

Colleges & Universities Based in Rhode Island Offering an RN to MSN Program

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