North Dakota RN to MSN Programs

There are two RN to MSN programs offered by schools based in North Dakota and six online options. This provides for a good selection of schools and specialization tracks to choose from, which allows for potential students to match their strengths and career aspirations to the program and faculty with similar strengths. The RN to MSN programs listed below are open to associate’s educated nurses and some accept diploma educated nurses that also meet specific requirements. Learn more about the requirements for admission and the application process by contacting the schools below with the provided contact information.

The main goal of an RN to MSN program is to streamline the process to develop leaders in nursing that possess a master’s level nursing education. It is sometimes thought that the RN to MSN bypasses the baccalaureate education, but this is not the case with the schools listed below nor with the accredited RN to MSN programs offered in other states. The AACN and NLNAC have set forth specific RN to MSN education guidelines for accreditation and these programs must adhere to these guidelines to maintain their accreditation status. The AACN is a strong proponent of online RN to MSN programs, stating that they make higher education and opportunity to move up the nursing career ladder more accessible to more nurses.

RN to MSN Online Programs Offered in North Dakota

The RN to MSN bridge programs are extremely focused and take about three years to complete. Specializations offered include nurse practitioner, nursing informatics, leadership & management, case management, nursing education/nurse educator, clinical nurse specialist and others that can be found listed below. The RN to MSN has become a popular option for nurses who have been working the floor for a number of years and are getting to the point where it has become quite strenuous on their bodies. The RN to MSN provides the opportunity for these nurses to move into less physically demanding nursing roles.

This is not to say that younger nurses are not pursuing these programs, they have become quite popular routes for entering nursing education and advanced practice. The RN to MSN has been praised for the way it is allowing a younger generation of nurses to smoothly transition to nursing faculty and advanced practice roles where there had been concern around the approaching retirement age for many of the nurses currently working in these areas. A three year commitment may sound like too much for some nurses and an RN to BSN program, which takes as little as one year to complete may be a more feasible option. Click on this link to learn about the RN to BSN programs offered in North Dakota.

The job outlook for master’s educated nurses in North Dakota is promising and with the accessibility to these programs via online formats, rural based nurses in North Dakota have the same opportunities as the urban based nurses. Learn more about these programs and what they can offer you both personally and professionally by requesting information today.

Universities Based in North Dakota Offering an RN to MSN Program

University of Mary

The baccalaureate program is CCNE accredited and approved by the North Dakota Board of Nursing.

Programs Offered: BSN, LPN-BSN, RN to BSN, RN to MSN (Track: Nurse Administrator), MSN – (Nurse Administrator, Nurse Educator, Family Nurse Practitioner) On-site and online options.

University of Mary, 7500 University Dr, Bismarck ND 58504, PH: 701-255-7500

University of North Dakota

The baccalaureate program is CCNE accredited and approved by the North Dakota Board of Nursing.

Programs Offered: BSN, Accelerated BSN, LPN-BSN, RN to BSN, RN to MS, MSN – (Specializations: Nurse Anesthesia, Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Public/Community Health Nursing, Gerontology Nursing, and Nurse Education), Post Master’s Certificates – (Specializations: Nurse Anesthesia, Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing-CNS, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing-NP, Nurse Education)

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