RN to BSN Completion Programs in New Hampshire

RN to BSN Online Programs Offered in New Hampshire

Below you will find a number of schools that offer online RN to BSN programs in New Hampshire as well as the only campus based option at the University of New Hampshire. The programs listed are accredited by the CCNE or the NLNAC so you can feel confident that you will be receiving a quality education. Request information to learn more about he programs that interest you.

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Registered nurses that have a nursing diploma or an associate’s degree in nursing will find that there are many accredited online programs available for them to get their bachelor’s in nursing in New Hampshire. Getting your BSN in New Hampshire, just as in other states, can open up an array of new career opportunities to you within the field of nursing.

RN to BSN programs allow licensed registered nurses to get their BSN in a relatively short period of time. Depending upon the number of transferable credits you have from previous nursing education, some programs can be completed in as little as twelve months. Coursework will generally include classes that further enhance your nursing skills, critical decision making skills, as well as acquiring management or leadership and research skills.

Because there are so many options, choosing an RN to BSN program can be overwhelming. The New Hampshire Board of Nursing only regulates programs that lead to initial licensure as a nurse in the state so the RN to BSN program you choose does not necessarily have to be on the boards list of approved programs. That being said, it is always important to thoroughly investigate the programs you are considering. Choosing an RN to BSN program that is CCNE or NLNAC accredited is a good idea because it helps ensure that the curriculum is up to the standards of these accrediting bodies, thereby further ensuring that you get a quality education.

Nurses with their BSN in New Hampshire will find expanded opportunities in the nursing field. Many BSN nurses move on to leadership positions and become nurse managers or nursing executives. Some may find opportunities in health care education while some may use their bachelors in nursing as a gateway to getting their masters degree in nursing. You may be interested in reading more about the RN to MSN programs in New Hampshire.

Colleges and Universities Based in New Hampshire Offering an RN to BSN Program

University of New Hampshire

The nursing programs are CCNE accredited.

Programs Offered: Direct Entry Master’s Program (2nd Degree), Master’s in Nursing (FNP, EBN, or CNL concentrations), and Post Master’s Certificates in Nursing.

4 Library Way
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: 603-862-2390

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