RN to MSN Programs in Nebraska

The overall face of health care is changing rapidly today and nurses are experiencing a large part of these changes. They are being asked to play more complex roles within the health care system and many of these new roles and responsibilities require that a nurse have a master’s education. Due to the shortage of master’s educated nurses, many colleges and universities have developed RN to MSN programs for RN’s with a nursing diploma or for those with an associate’s degree in nursing. Such programs allow current registered nursed to obtain their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing concurrently and generally in a shorter period of time than if they were to get their degrees separately.

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Online RN to MSN Programs Offered in Nebraska

Online RN to MSN programs in Nebraska are an excellent option for nurses that wish to continue working while they are earning their master’s in nursing. They also provide a necessary level of convenience for those that live and work in rural areas where no campus based programs are offered. Generally all coursework can be completed online and any clinical practicum requirements can be fulfilled at a health care facility within the area of Nebraska which you reside.
Below you will find a number of campus based and online schools in Nebraska that offer RN to Master’s of Science in Nursing programs along with their accreditation information. Most RN to MSN degree programs can be completed within three years time, depending upon specialty or track chosen. If you think that you might be interested in just pursuing you BSN at this time, you can read about getting your RN to BSN in Nebraska.

Nurses in Nebraska with a master’s of science in nursing will find themselves presented with a number of new career options. There is a tremendous need for nurse educators, nurse administrators, clinical leaders, public and community health liaisons, and advance practice nurses (APN’s) nationally as well as in Nebraska. Completing and RN to MSN degree will not only open new doors in your career as a nurse, but it will give you the opportunity to increase your salary potential as well. Learn more about the programs below by requesting information from the schools that interest you most.

RN to MSN Programs Offered at Nursing Schools Based in Nebraska

Clarkson College

Clarkson College offers an RN to BSN program online for full and part time students.

Contact Information:
101 S. 42nd Street
Omaha, NE 68131
PH: 402-552-3100

Creighton University School of Nursing

School Branding

Located in Omaha, NE, Creighton University School of Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The accelerated second degree BSN program is began over thirty years ago and is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States.

Programs Offered: BSN, Part-Time BSN, Accelerated BSN, RN to BSN, Part-Time MSN, RN to MSN, MSN – (APRN Tracks: Adult Acute Care and Adult NP, Family Nurse NP, Neonatal NP, Acute Care Pediatric NP, Behavioral Health NP, Public/Global Health Nurse, CNS, CNL), Post-Master’s, DNP

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