CNA Training Programs in Maine

CNA Certification in Maine

CNA certification in Maine requires completion of a 180 hour state approved CNA training course as well as completion of a competency evaluation exam. Expect to spend at least 90 hours on classroom learning, 70 hours of supervised clinical practice training and 20 hours on clinical work. You can find a link to a list of approved CNA training courses below courtesy of the Maine Department of Education. Other requirements you should be aware of include CNAs must be at least 16 years of age, read and write English and you must have completed the ninth grade.

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CNA Training in Maine

The CNA curriculum prepares graduates with the skills to function as a CNA in the scope of the profession. Some of the content the CNA courses cover include learning how to observe and report changes in patient well-being, assist patients with personal hygiene, assist patients with rehabilitation and ambulation, the proper procedures and policies for emergencies, basic nursing skills, how to communicate effectively with patients and other health care professionals on staff and other job related skills.

Becoming a CNA in Maine, or in any state for that matter, has some great perks. The biggest being that for the CNAs who are offered employment by a nursing facility prior to training or begin working in a nursing facility within 12 months of completing an approved CNA training and competency exam, have the opportunity to have their training, course materials and testing fees paid for or reimbursed by the nursing facility. This is a fantastic opportunity to receive free career training in the health care industry that can help prepare you for a career as a CNA as well as provide a stepping stone to other nursing and health care roles.

CNAs, orderlies and attendants in Maine make an average hourly wage of $11.28 according to the Maine Department of Labor. The Maine Department of Labor also projects job growth for CNAs, orderlies and attendants to be 7.7% through 2016 or .7% a year. Though this is low relative to other health care related career paths, it is still positive.

As mentioned above, the CNA profession is often a stepping stone career to becoming a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Practical Nurse or one of many other health care professions in Maine. You may find it worthwhile to research the Medical Assisting profession in Maine as well, seeing that the Medical Assistant profession is projected to grow by almost 34% by 2016 according to the Maine Department of Labor. Check out the Medical Assisting Programs in Maine.

CNA Courses in Maine

Approved CNA Training Programs in ME

Programs Offered: Certified Nurse Aide, Nursing Assistant

List of approved sites by city offering CNA training in Maine courtesy of the Maine Department of Education: Click Here

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