LPN Programs in Washington DC

An LPN program in DC will take between 12 and 18 months to complete. Completion of a District of Columbia approved LPN program or an LPN program that has been approved by another U.S. Board of Nursing whose program standards are determined to be equivalent to the standards of the DC Board of Nursing is a required step toward practical nursing licensure in Washington DC. A list of the approved LPN schools in DC can be found below.

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The LPN schools in DC have varying admission requirements, but some requirements that may be commonly seen include a high school diploma or GED, current immunizations, required tests for ailment or disease, drug test, background check, a current Health Care Provider CPR certification and a pre-admission exam that tests math and english skills. Some schools may require less and some may require more.

Through classroom learning, laboratory and clinical experiences students are exposed to various fields of nursing such as pediatrics, maternal and newborn, adult health, psychiatric and mental health, community health, medical and surgical, long-term care and geriatrics. Students are prepared for LPN roles in each of these areas. This exposure also provides the opportunity for students to find out if they would have any interest working in these fields post graduation. Practical nursing education requirements set by the Board of Nursing stipulate that at least 600 clock hours must be in clinicals and LPN programs in DC must be at least 1600 total hours. This sounds like a lot of hours, however, it is the time deemed necessary to provide the appropriate nursing education that will prepare students to pass the NCLEX-PN licensure exam and instill the confidence a student needs to perform all the required duties of an LPN in DC.

LPN Salary, Job Outlook and Employers in Washington DC

Salary is often one of the more important factors for people looking into a career field. Figuring out if the time and financial investment is worth what the career offers is paramount to many peoples decision. The District of Columbia Department of Employment Services reports that an LPN makes an average annual salary of $47,990 and an average hourly wage of $23.07 in the DC area. They also released job growth projections through 2018, which suggests 2% job growth for LPNs in the DC area. These numbers can easily be distorted by many factors including facility type, location, LPN experience and related items. To gain a better perspective on what a new LPN might make, inquire with local employers and staffing agencies to see if they are hiring and if so what do they pay entry-level LPNs.

Some common facilities that an LPN in DC can find work include hospitals, assisted living, home health, retirement communities, rehabilitation facilities, government organizations and hospice. Providence Hospital, Ingleside at Rock Creek, HR Anew (staffing agency), Genesis Health Care, Children’s National medical Center, Specialty Hospital of Washington, Capital Hospice and Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. are frequently posting job opportunities for LPNs. Check with these employers to learn more about their opportunities.

Another health care profession with similar training time requirements and positive job growth projections that people learning about LPN programs in DC also investigate is Medical Assisting. Check out the Medical Assistant programs in DC to learn more about this career and the training involved.

Approved LPN programs in Washington DC Area

Capital Health Institute
7826 Eastern Avenue, Suite 515
Washington, DC 20012
PH: 202-722-8830
Comprehensive Health Academy School of Practice Nursing
1106 Bladensburg Road, NE
Washington, DC 20002
PH: 202-388-5500
Radians College
1025 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
PH: 202-291-9020
University of the District of Columbia Practical Nursing Program
4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Mail Box 1005
Washington, DC 20008
PH: 202-274-6952
VMT Academy of Practical Nursing
4201 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 301
Washington, DC 20008
PH: 202-282-3010

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