Scholarships for Nursing Students in West Virginia

If you have career aspirations in a high demand field like nursing, you will find many sources of funding. Some nursing students rely on general merit-based scholarships like the West Virginia PROMISE, while others rely on governmental grants like the Pell Grant. There are many more scholarships, though, that are designed specifically to help prospective nurses. Some come with few strings attached; you can use the money for qualified expenses as long as you remain a student and remain in good standing with the university. Others, though, require a specific work commitment after graduation.

You will find a number of West Virginia nursing scholarships, both governmental and private, described in this article. It is not an exhaustive list; you may find additional opportunities through your own college or university.

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Nursing Scholarship Opportunities in WV

The West Virginia Center for Nursing offers loan scholarships at all levels (LPN to doctoral). The awards come with a work commitment of two years. They are offered through individual schools, so you should check with your own financial aid office. You may apply halfway through your program. Three letters of recommendation are required.

You may also want to apply for nursing scholarships from the Kanawha Valley Foundation Scholarship. The Gustavus B. Capito Scholarship is among the awards targeted specifically for nursing students. The committee makes multiple awards of $1,000 each, and has continued to award generously even in difficult financial times. The Foundation administers several other nursing scholarships, though not all are awarded every year. The good news is you can apply for multiple awards with a single application. This includes not only nursing scholarships, but general scholarships which are granted on the basis of geography, schooling history, or other affiliations. If you or a family member is a member of Mount Calvary Baptist Church, for instance, you are given priority for the Robert D. Ashworth Scholarship. The average amount for this award is $2,800. If you are interested in seeing which Foundation scholarships are a good match, you can begin the process by creating an online account.

Hospitals also sponsor scholarships which are funded by generous corporate or private donors. The Charleston Area Medical Center is one such organization. Some awards are made to current employees seeking career mobility. Others are made to students in the surrounding counties.

Graduate students may also want to consider state loan repayment; this is a joint program of the state and federal government and is available to nurse practitioners. A two year work commitment is required; employment must be in a public or nonprofit facility that is located within a Health Shortage Professional Area. Awardees may see as much as $40,000 in loans paid by the government.

Nursing Scholarship Application Professional Advice

In the nursing field, there is a close relationship between scholarship opportunities and work opportunities. You will more likely be financed if it appears you are ready for a job. There are many opportunities to demonstrate your work ethic and knowledge of the field. If you haven’t worked as a CNA, you might try volunteering. Hospital websites generally include contact information for a volunteer coordinator.

When it comes time to fill out scholarship applications, use the checklist provided and be a stickler for detail. A large number of applicants disqualify themselves by providing incomplete information. You will likely need to collect information from several sources, so allow time.

Some scholarships now have an online application process, which can simplify the process — but can also create opportunities for error. The GKVF reminds students to review the five steps before beginning.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in West Virginia

West Virginia Center for Nursing


The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

PO Box 3041, Charleston, WV 25331


April York – Charleston Area Medical Center Foundation

3412 Staunton Ave., Charleston, WV 25304


Division of Rural Health and Recruitment

Karen Pauley, Program Coordinator, 350 Capitol Street, Room 515, Charleston, WV 25301-3716


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