Scholarships for Nursing Students in Arizona

According to Employment Trends, in the years 2008 through 2018, Arizona should see 1,660 job openings a year for registered nurses. That represents 24% growth in the occupation, and that also represents a bit of concern. Many people would like to step up to the challenge and become nurses, but finding the money for schooling can seem daunting!

Part of the answer can be grants and scholarships. Grants are primarily need-based, while scholarships are primarily merit-based, and often have higher GPA requirements. Both are free money for school. There are of course some grants and scholarships that are available to any qualifying Arizona student, regardless of program. These include Pell grants as well as the AIMS tuition waiver that is given to top high school graduates who choose to attend in-state schools. Other scholarships, though, are available only to nursing students. The purpose of such nursing scholarships is to make sure that Arizona has qualified nurses.

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Nursing Scholarship Requirements in Arizona

There are different nursing scholarships available, depending on the level of nursing degree you pursue; sometimes opportunities depend, too, on your specialty area or geographical region. The Arizona Nurses Association offers a total of eighteen scholarships each semester. Awards range from $500 for students in associate’s level programs to $2,500 for doctoral level candidates. Those who are pursuing a bachelors, either for direct entry as a BSN, or as part of an RN to BSN program, are eligible to compete for a $1,000 dollar award.

Arizona residents who are planning to pursue baccalaureate degrees in healthcare may apply for the John C. Lincoln Health Care Scholarship. Maricopa residents who enroll at Arizona accredited schools with the intent of pursuing nursing or other healthcare related fields are also eligible apply for the Tempe St Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship. Scholarships for full-time students are $1,000 each. Scholarships for part time students are $500. They are not automatically renewal, but a student can reapply the following year. The application asks about work history and volunteer experience, both in the healthcare field and in other areas. Applicants must also write a 200 word self profile.

Maricopa County’s Hispanic nursing students (from LPN level on up to doctorate) can also apply for a scholarship through the Valle de Sol chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. Four $1,000 dollar scholarships are awarded each semester to Hispanic nursing students. Applications are due March 1 or October 1.

Nurse practitioners are especially vital as they can take on the role of primary care provider in underserved areas. There are further opportunities available for them through Arizona Rural Private Primary Care. Even if a person has to take out a loan to pay part of their costs, they may be able to get some or all of the loan repaid later in exchange for working in an area of high need. Nurse practitioners are expected to seek employment in official Arizona Medically Underserved Areas. Some of these areas are on the state’s reservations. Others are in metropolitan areas like Glendale.

Nursing Scholarship Professional Advice – AZ

Scholarships are, by their nature, competitive. How does a person set themselves apart? Many competitions require an essay where the candidates describe their aspirations and goals. The National Association of Hispanic Nurses notes that creative and original ideas are encouraged. Grammar is also taken into account, as is general quality.

One way to foster creativity, ironically, can be to read other’s essays. Notice the level of detail and the variety of approaches. Don’t feel like you need to become someone else, though. A representative of another minority nursing scholarship notes that many factors are taken into account, and that the most important thing to remember is to include all requested materials.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Arizona

Arizona Nurses Foundation

1850 E. Southern Avenue, Suite 1, Tempe, AZ 85282


John C. Lincoln Scholarship


Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital Community Outreach


National Association of Hispanic Nurses

Valle del Sol Chapter, PO Box 67545, Phoenix, Arizona 85082


Arizona Rural Primary Care


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