RN to MSN Programs in NJ

There are six RN to MSN programs offered by schools based in New Jersey and a number of programs are offered online by schools approved and nationally accredited in other states. What this means to you is that there are a number of high quality RN to MSN options with a variety of specializations, one of which will match your strengths and career goals. Find the programs listed below along with their accreditation and contact information.

RN to MSN Online Programs Offered in New Jersey

The RN to MSN bridge program streamlines the education process, allowing registered nurses with a diploma or associate degree in nursing to complete their baccalaureate and master's education in about three years. These programs are extremely focused and require a significant mount of dedication. Online RN to MSN programs do provide flexibility and convenience. Registered nurses can balance their pursuit of higher education with the demands of work and family. The AACN has expressed their support of the online RN to MSN program, stating that it makes higher education much more accessible. If three years sounds like too much of a commitment then check the RN to BSN programs in New Jersey, some of which can be completed in as little as twelve months.

A survey of the nursing workforce in New Jersey titled, The State of the Nursing Workforce in New Jersey: Findings From a Statewide Survey of Registered Nurses*, documents several reasons why there is such a severe shortage of nurses in the state. There are also a number findings that support pursuing higher education, specifically an MSN.

First off, 25% of the nursing workforce in New Jersey responded. Of the respondents only .3% held a graduate degree, 40% held a diploma in nursing, 32% held an ADN and 27% held a BSN. This supports a great job outlook for master's educated nurses with so few nurses actually in possession of this level of education. Opportunities appear to be quite abundant for the master;s educated nurse from advanced practice to nursing faculty and leadership positions. The survey actually mentions that the RN to MSN program is one way to create a "nursing faculty pipeline."

An area of concern was found to be in the nurse manager area, where 57% of the nurse managers in New Jersey reported that their highest level of education was either an ADN or nursing diploma. Based on a study by Kramer, leadership skills are most frequently learned at the master's degree level. (Kramer, Schmalen & Maguire, 2004) This means skills such as conflict resolution and related management skills, that are integral in successfully managing a group of professionals, may be nonexistent for many nurse managers.

The lack of managerial skills and support was found to have a significant impact on nurses in New Jersey, 43% said they did not consider their manager to be a "good manager" and 42% said that their nurse manager would not back them up. Sounds frustrating. This data further supports the need for master's educated nurses in leadership positions throughout New Jersey as well as supporting the decision to pursue a master's through an RN to MSN program in New Jersey.
*(Flynn, L. (2007). The State of the Nursing Workforce in New Jersey: Findings From a Statewide Survey of Registered Nurses. Newark, NJ: New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing)

Learn more about these programs and the schools offering them including admissions requirements, application materials and tuition costs by requesting information using the provided contact methods.

Colleges & Universities Based in New Jersey Offering RN to MSN Programs

College of New Jersey

CCNE accredited

Program Offered: RN to MSN

  • 2000 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718, PH: 609-771-1855

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Nusing School accreditation by CCNE

Program Offered: RN to BS to MSN

  • Henry P. Becton School of Nursing & Allied Health - Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1000 River Road, H-DH4-02, Teaneck-Hackensack, New Jersey - 07666, PH: 201-692-2890

Monmouth University - Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies

The Monmouth University - Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

Program Offered: RN to MSN Direct, RN to BSN, MSN - (Tracks: Nursing Education, Nursing Administration, Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health NP, Family NP, Adult NP, Forensic Nursing, School Nurse), Post-Master's Certifcate (Tracks: Sames as MSN), Post-Baccalaureate Certificates - (Forensic Nursing (Online), School Nurse)

Rutgers College of Nursing

Rutgers College of Nursing offers Master's, post master's, DNP and undergraduate nursing programs. The Rutgers Baccalaureate and Master's programs are accredited by the CCNE.

Program Offered: RN to MSN

  • Click Here to learn more about Rutgers College of Nursing Programs.

Saint Peter's College

Saint Peter's College nursing school is accredited by the CCNE.

Program Offered: RN to MSN Bridge

  • Saint Peter's College - The Jesuit College of New Jersey, PH: 888-SPC-9933

Thomas Edison State College

Nusing School accreditation by CCNE and NLNAC

Program Offered: RN to BSN/MSN

  • 101 W. State St, Trenton, NJ 08608-1176, PH: 888-442-8372

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