RN to MSN Bridge Programs in South Dakota

Online RN to MSN programs have made higher education accessible to registered nurses throughout the state of South Dakota. Rural based nurses and nurses working full time who had not previously had the option to return to school to pursue higher education now have that opportunity. The RN to MSN creates an opportunity for registered nurses with an associate’s degree in nursing or a diploma to complete a master’s in nursing in a reduced amount of time compared to the traditional route. These programs are designed to first cover the baccalaureate curriculum and bridge to the master’s nursing curriculum. RN to MSN programs take around 3 years to complete depending on the student, course load, concentration selected and other factors. There may also be a requirement to visit the campus during the course of the program and practicums may be required for advanced practice specializations. The RN to MSN programs offered in South Dakota are listed below with their accreditation and contact information.

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Purdue Global Visit School's Website
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  • Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees and Postgraduate Certificates in Nursing
Grand Canyon University Visit School's Website
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  • Online Nursing Degrees
Liberty University Visit School's Website
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  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing for the Registered Nurse
Seton Hall University Visit School's Website
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  • Ranked #15 in Best Online Master's in Nursing Program by US News, Seton Hall University offers two fully online Nurse Practitioner programs: Adult Gerontology with Acute and Primary Tracks and Psychiatric Mental Health.

Students have options as to the area of concentration or specialization they would like to pursue. Nurse practitioner, nurse midwifery, nursing informatics, nursing education and nursing leadership are some of the most common RN to MSN concentration selections. The nurse educator concentration is a breakthrough in preparing registered nurses for nursing faculty positions in the State of South Dakota. A younger generation of nurses are entering nursing faculty where a large number of faculty are approaching retirement age. The nursing faculty position is a critical role that many young nurses are choosing to pursue, which in turn is helping to avoid a nursing faculty shortage as well as a nursing shortage in South Dakota. The majority of nursing faculty at the colleges and universities offering ADN programs and LPN programs hold a master’s in nursing.

RN to MSN Online Programs Offered in South Dakota

The potential for registered nurses in South Dakota with a master’s in nursing is outstanding. No one concentration is limiting. Choose an area of practice and a program that matches your strengths and career goals. Learn about the program and faculty to make sure they fit your needs and can prepare you for an advanced nursing practice area. Higher education is not a bad decision and if three years is too much of a commitment at this time, maybe you would be interested in an RN to BSN program in South Dakota that can take as little as 12 months to complete.

Schools Based in South Dakota Offering an RN to MSN Program

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