CNA Training Programs in South Dakota

CNA certification in South Dakota requires the completion of a state approved nurse aide training program. There are quite a few facility based and non-facility based approved programs to choose from, so finding one that is convenient to attend should not be too difficult. There is also an approved online CNA program in South Dakota if no other program is close by or you need something with a bit more flexibility. There is a link at the bottom of the page to a list of programs.

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CNA programs in South Dakota are offered through licensed nursing facilities as well as through vocational schools. Approved CNA training must be at least 75 clock hours divided between classroom, laboratory and practical training. 16 of the 75 clock hours must be in supervised practical training, which is having direct patient contact and applying the knowledge gained in the classroom and lab to “real world” scenarios with patients. Curriculum prepares CNA students with the proper patient care and nursing skills they need to pass the competency evaluation as well as perform in a professional CNA job. Some programs may require you have a high school diploma or GED and some employers may require this as well.

Free CNA training, really? State and federal laws require a nursing facility to reimburse the costs of CNA training and testing if the facility has hired the CNA within 12 months of completing a CNA training program. More CNAs should know about this. Inquire with your employer or instructor to learn more about the opportunity for free CNA training in South Dakota.

CNA Certification in South Dakota

Federal and state laws require anyone working as a CNA in a South Dakota nursing facility to be certified. The first step toward certification is to complete a South Dakota Board of Nursing approved CNA program, pass the nurse aide competency evaluation exam administered by Headmaster, LLP who was contracted by the South Dakota Health Care Association and then get registered on the South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry. That completes your CNA certification in South Dakota.

CNA Salaries and Job Outlook in South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Labor released salary data through March, 2010. The data shows that CNAs, orderlies and attendants make an average hourly wage of $10.96 and an average annual salary of $25,510. The Department of Labor also projects job growth in this field through 2016 to be 16.8%. This data is quite promising for those looking into becoming a CNA. You may want to contact nursing facilities in your community to learn weather or not they are hiring as well as to find out what their entry-level salaries are for a CNA. All in all, the fact that there is an opportunity to have all costs of your CNA training and testing reimbursed by your employer makes this a hard to pass up choice.

Another popular health care career worthy of exploring that offers similar earnings and job growth projections, 38.8% job growth in South Dakota, is Medical Assisting. Training for a Medical Assistant usually takes 6 months to 18 months depending on the program. Learn more about the Medical Assistant programs in South Dakota.

CNA Training in South Dakota

Approved CNA Training Programs in SD

Attending an approved program is required for CNA certification in South Dakota as well as for addition to the South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry.

Programs Offered: Nurse Aide, Nursing Assistant

List of approved schools offering CNA Training in South Dakota provided by the South Dakota Board of Nursing: Click Here

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