Pennsylvania CNA Training Programs

To become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) in the state of Pennsylvania you will need to complete a state approved nurse aide training program and successfully pass the CNA examination administered through Pearson VUE. The CNA programs offered in Pennsylvania and their contact information are provided below, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Contact the CNA training programs to learn more.

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Requirements to consider before applying for a CNA program or position include, obtaining a criminal background report that covers the 12 months prior to applying for the program or position. Some facilities require employees to be 18 years old, but you are eligible for the CNA programs and testing at the age of 16. You will need to have some basic english language reading and writing skills and math skills. You will also need to be in decent physical condition, as there are certain physical demands required of CNAs. You will also need to have a physical exam within 12 months of starting a CNA job that verifies, among other things, that you have no communicable diseases.**

Free CNA Training in Pennsylvania. If you are employed by a long-term care facility in the state of Pennsylvania that facility is responsible for paying for your training and testing costs. If you are not employed by a long-term care facility at the time you enroll in a CNA program but you become employed with one within 12 months of completing the program and testing, the facility is responsible for reimbursing you for the cost of the program and testing.*

CNA training programs most often provide CPR certification as well as instruction for taking vitals, basic clinical nursing skills, basic patient care training, medical terminology, control of infection and nursing facility related skills. In general, the program provides the necessary skills needed to perform as a CNA in Pennsylvania. Clinical experience is gained through the program as well as during employment.

According to the Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information and Analysis, a CNA in Pennsylvania makes a median annual salary of $25,000 or a median hourly wage of $12.03. They also project there to be 14% job growth in this field, making it one of the faster growing areas in the Pennsylvania health care sector.

The CNA position is a demanding yet rewarding career. It is often a career path stepping stone for those interested in pursuing nursing, medical assisting and related health care careers. You may also be interested in the Medical Assisting programs in Pennsylvania. Job growth for medical assistants in PA is projected at 34% through 2016 and earnings are frequently higher than that of a CNA, according to the Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information and Analysis. That means job security.
(Sources: **Pennsylvania Department of Education, *Pennsylvania Department of Health, Pennsylvania Department of Aging)

State Approved Nurse Aide Training Programs in Pennsylvania

Approved CNA Training Programs in PA

Programs Offered: Nurse Aide, Nursing Assistant

List of approved schools offering CNA training in Pennsylvania courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (Opens in a PDF file): Click Here

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