CNA Training in Oklahoma

Becoming a new Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) in Oklahoma with no prior home health aide or related experience requires three steps. The first step is to complete an approved CNA training program in Oklahoma. The second step is to successfully pass the nurse aide competency Evaluation/exam and the third step is to be listed on the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry maintained by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Keep in mind that CNA Certification is only required of those CNAs working in long term care facilities, not those Nursing Assistants working in acute care facilities.

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The benefit of pursuing CNA Certification so that you can work in a Long Term Care or related facility that takes Medicare or Medicaid is that you might be eligible for free CNA training or for getting the fees you had paid for training, testing and course materials reimbursed. Federal regulations stipulate that if a CNA is offered employment prior to beginning a CNA program or if a CNA is offered employment within 12 months of completing a CNA Training, that CNA may be entitled to reimbursement of all training and testing fees as well as the cost of course related materials. Inquire with your employer or CNA program coordinator to learn more about this exciting opportunity for free CNA training.

Approved CNA Programs in Oklahoma

Approved CNA programs are offered through colleges, high schools, vocational schools and employer based facilities like nursing homes through out the state of Oklahoma. CNA training classes cover basic nursing care skills and topics such as patient hygiene, patient nutrition, patient rehabilitation, patient mobility, patient rights, communication and interpersonal skills and related areas of knowledge and skill sets. Upon successful completion of CNA training you will need to register for the nurse aide competency evaluation, which is comprised of two steps, the first being an oral or written section and a skills evaluation component. You will need to pass the written or oral portion with a 70% or better and the skills evaluation with an 80% or better. After successfully passing this evaluation you will need to apply for listing on the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry. The Registry processes over 4000 applications a month so once you submit your application it may take 4 to 6 weeks to be approved and receive your CNA certification card. You will be eligible to work during this time period in a supervised capacity.

One of the definitive questions you may be asking yourself prior to committing to the CNA field is will there be jobs when I finish my CNA training? According to the Oklahoma Security Commission – Occupational Projections, the CNA, orderlies and attendants category is projected to have the most job openings through 2016. CNA job growth is projected at 17.4% or 540 annual openings a year. These projections will vary by location and other factors, but this data provides for some assurance that this may be an opportunistic time to be starting your CNA training. The Oklahoma Security Commission also projects Nursing and Residential care facilities to have the greatest as well as the fastest employment growth through 2016. Considering these facilities are where many CNAs will find employment, this is also positive data to see.

You are probably also asking yourself what a CNA in Oklahoma makes. The Oklahoma Employment Commission – Oklahoma Occupational Wage data found that the average annual salary for a CNA in Oklahoma is $19825 and the average hourly wage is $9.53.

Another popular health care career worthy of exploring that offers similar earnings and job growth projections, 18.25% job growth in Oklahoma, is Medical Assisting. Training for a Medical Assistant usually takes 6 months to 18 months depending on the program. Learn more about the Medical Assistant programs in Oklahoma.

CNA Schools in Oklahoma

Approved CNA Training Programs in OK

Attending an approved program is required for CNA certification in Oklahoma and addition to the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry.

Programs Offered: Nurse Aide, Nursing Assistant

List of approved schools offering CNA classes in Oklahoma provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Health: Click Here

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