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A Nurse Aide who is listed on the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry is considered a State Tested Nurse Aide or STNA, not a Certified Nurse Aide or CNA. To become a new STNA in Ohio you will need to complete an approved Nurse Aide training and then pass the nurse aide competency evaluation/exam administered by D&S diversified Technologies. Upon successful completion of both these requirements you will be eligible for inclusion on the Ohio Department of Health maintained Ohio Nurse Aide Registry. Finding an updated list of approved STNA programs can be difficult, so there is a link provided at the bottom of this page that takes you to an Ohio Department of Health webpage with a search function that will allow you to find STNA training by county in Ohio.

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The state required 75 hour STNA training prepares students with basic nursing care skills like feeding, bathing, dressing, observing patients, reporting changes in a patients’ status and related nursing skills as well as for the competency exam. Students are required to complete a specific number of classroom instruction hours as well as supervised clinical hours where the student experiences hands on patient interaction. If you are offered employment by a nursing facility, specifically a Medicare or Medicaid facility prior to starting a nurse aide training or become employed by one of these facilities within 12 months of completing your training and testing you may be eligible for reimbursement of the STNA program, testing and course materials under federal regulations for nursing facilities. Inquire with your program coordinator or employer to learn more about this.

Two of the more important questions is that if you complete an STNA class, will there be jobs available and how much will you make? The answer involves multiple variables, such as location, facility type, prior work experience. An STNA in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati may have quite a few more opportunities at employment than an STNA in a more rural location. An STNA in Ohio will often find employment with a Long Term Care facility, assisted living facility, palliative or hospice care facility, or a home health care agency.

The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services projects 14% growth or 1,800 annual openings for STNAs, orderlies and attendants in Ohio. They also project there will be 48% job growth for home health aides, an area of health care that an STNA may find work as well. In fact home health care services is listed as number 2 on the top 10 list of industries who are projected to have the largest number of new jobs and a growth rate over 25%. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services also report that the average hourly wage for STNA, orderlies and attendants is $11.67 and the average annual salary is $24,274. This data is indicative of a profession with great opportunity and job security. Free STNA classes and great employment data, this could be a great time to start researching STNA classes near you. STNAs in Ohio frequently make the leap to an LPN or a Registered Nursing career. The experience gained as a CNA is invaluable and great preparation for what will be presented in advanced nursing curriculum and practicums.

Another popular health care career worthy of exploring that offers similar earnings and job growth projections, 32% job growth in Ohio, is Medical Assisting. Training for a Medical Assistant usually takes 6 months to 18 months depending on the program. Learn more about the Medical Assistant programs in Ohio.

STNA Training Ohio

Approved STNA Training Programs in OH

Once at the site, select Facility Listing Report, then NATCEP/Dining Assist. The rest is self-explanatory. Attending an approved program is required for STNA certification and the addition to the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry.

Programs Offered: Nurse Aide, Nursing Assistant

List of approved schools offering STNA classes in Ohio provided by the Ohio Department of Health: Click Here

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