CNA Programs in North Dakota

A new CNA in North Dakota must complete an approved CNA training program, pass the Nurse Aide competency exam and apply for inclusion on the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry. There are numerous approved CNA programs in North Dakota and most likely you will be able to find one that is convenient to attend. A list of approved CNA programs in North Dakota can be found below.

The North Dakota Department of Health Division of Health Facilities manages the registration of CNAs on the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry. They also approve and regulate the CNA training programs in North Dakota. The North Dakota Administrative Code Chapter 33-07-06 details the requirements for Nurse Nurse Aide training programs in the state of North Dakota. Some of the details pertaining to CNA programs in North Dakota that a new CNA may be interested in include the CNA program must be 75 clock hours of which a minimum of 16 hours are required to focus on respecting patient’s rights, safety and emergency procedures, promoting patient’s rights, infection control and communication and interpersonal skills. At least 16 clock hours must also be spent in a practical training environment (hands on patient contact) under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse or instructor prior to having any one on one patient contact.

After successfully completing the approved CNA training, the Nurse Aide must pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam. This exam has two parts, a written or oral exam component and a skills evaluation component. A Nurse Aide will then apply for inclusion to the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry.

Free Nurse Aide / CNA Training in North Dakota

Really. A Nurse Aide who has been offered or accepted employment from a nursing facility in North Dakota is entitled to free training and can not be charged for the training program or for any course required materials. What other career has such minimal training time commitments and offers it all at no cost? A pretty great situation, not to mention this is a great way to get your foot in the health care industry door.

CNA Job Outlook and Salary Information

CNAs in North Dakota are found working in Medicare and Medicaid Nursing facilities, hospitals, home health care, nursing homes, Alzheimer’s units, and other Long Term Care facilities. There are over 13,000 CNAs listed on the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry according to the North Dakota Board of Nursing.

The Job Service North Dakota, Labor Market Information Center, Projections Unit is projecting 7% growth for CNA and related attendant and orderlies positions. The North Dakota Workforce Intelligence Network considers this an “In Demand” career in North Dakota. The Job Service North Dakota, Labor Market Information Center, OES Unit reports that the average annual salary for a CNA and the afore mentioned related careers in $23,786 and an average hourly wage of $11.44. Considering the cost of living and the fact that there are no training costs associated with this career, this is an opportune time to be researching CNA programs in North Dakota.

Becoming a CNA is often a stepping stone for individuals interested in exploring the field of nursing prior to making the leap to an LPN or a Registered Nursing program. The experience gained as a CNA is invaluable and great preparation for what will be presented in advanced nursing curriculum and clinicals. Another popular career worthy of exploring at this stage that offers similar earnings and job growth projections is Medical Assisting. Training for a Medical Assistant usually takes 6 months to 18 months depending on the program. Learn more about the Medical Assistant programs in North Dakota.

CNA Training in North Dakota

Approved CNA Training Programs in ND

Programs Offered: Certified Nurse Aide, Nursing Assistant

List of approved schools offering CNA training in North Dakota provided by the North Dakota Department of Health Division of Health Facilities: Click Here

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