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As of 2006, seven Canadian provinces are requiring a baccalaureate in nursing degree (RN to BSN) as a new entry-to-practice competency. Diploma nursing programs, as of May, 2006, only exist in Quebeq, Manitoba and Alberta. This evolution in nursing education came about as a result of several factors, including: changing technology, increased patient complexity and acuity, increased responsibility and accountability for RNs, changes in scopes of practice, changes in health care delivery, and particular requirements for specialized care.

The Online Nursing Schools on this website offer fully accredited online post-basic baccalaureate in nursing programs (BSN) for registered nurses seeking to broaden their knowledge and advance their nursing career. The online RN to BSN programs administered in Canada implement user friendly technology including, video conferencing, CD-rom, Web-based materials and instruction, teleconferencing and more. The RN to BSN online programs include courses that cover clinical patient care, healthcare management, supervision and delegation, professional nursing practice and leadership and more.

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According to the 2005 RN Survey by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 66% of registered nurses hold a diploma, 31.5% of registered nurses hold a BSN, 2.4% of registered nurses hold a Master’s in Nursing and only .1% of registered nurses hold a Doctoral degree. For those RNs with a diploma, every province in Canada is paying significantly more money to those nurses holding a baccalaureate degree in nursing. Now is the time to advance your career.

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A side note about Online RN to BSN programs in Canada. A study conducted at the School of Nursing, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada examined perspective transformation (or professional resocialization) in RN-to-BSN students obtaining their degree by distance education. A socialization scale was used to compare newly admitted and graduating RN-to-BSN students who had taken their courses onsite, by distance education, or a mixture of the two methods. RN-to-BSN graduates who had used distance education had the highest scores, followed by the onsite RN-to-BSN students. Students who had taken a mixture of distance and onsite courses had scores similar to those of generic program graduates. (: J Nurs Educ. 2001 Oct;40(7):317-22) It seems that working while earning an RN to BSN maintains an individual’s ability to function at a more productive and interactive level in a professional nursing environment versus those that pursue their degree full-time in a classroom setting and forego work during their education.