Scholarships for Nursing Students in Wyoming

Like many states, Wyoming is in dire need of nurses. If you want to go into the field, there are grants and scholarships to help you get your degree. Your opportunities will depend on the level of degree you seek as well as your geographic location within the state.

There is a more critical need within the state for nurses with higher levels of training than those with lower levels. If you are entering the field at the LPN level, you might use governmental grants or tax credits, school-based scholarships, or general scholarships that are available from community foundations. There are also regional and national competitions based on various criteria, from ethnicity to essay-writing ability.

Additional scholarship opportunities are available to those studying at the BSN level or higher.

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Nursing Scholarship Opportunities in WY

The Myron D. Kiesling Scholarship, administered through the Wyoming Community Foundation, is open to graduating seniors from Weston County who are pursuing a BSN.

Individual schools, like the University of Wyoming, offer scholarships through their own financial aid offices. There are some UW scholarships that are open to all nursing students, others that are open only to students in particular tracks. You can apply for multiple scholarships with the University of Wyoming General Scholarship application; this is due March 15. Some competitions, though, require a separate application. The Mabel C. Sargent competition is specifically for University of Wyoming nursing students, but is administered through the Wyoming Community Foundation. Students in the BSN program are invited to apply.

As a Wyoming student, you may also consider regional and national competitions. Wyoming residents are eligible for the $2,500 Mountain Region Scholarship through CampusRN. This competition requires an essay. Don’t be surprised if your essay is published on a blog — comments by your fellow nursing students help determine the winner. The deadline is April 1.

Additional opportunities exist at the graduate level. The Wyoming Graduate Advance Practice Nursing Council awards an annual $500 scholarship to a nurse who is studying at the master’s level. Wyoming also participates in WRGP, the Western Regional Graduate Program. This is a Western inter-state agreement that allows students in specialized graduate programs to attend school in other states at an in-state tuition rate.

If you do have to take out loans to complete your education, there are some circumstances where the government will repay them. You may apply to the Wyoming Healthcare Provider Loan Repayment Program as an allied health provider. This program requires a three year commitment to serve in a needy area.

If you are in the accelerated BSN at the University of Wyoming or another qualifying institution, you may qualify for the Wyoming Accelerated Loan Repayment Program. This program requires a two year service commitment or repayment with interest. It is can be worth $25,000.

Application Advice From the Experts

For some, the essay is the hardest part. Scholarship representatives note that they have many essays to read and you will make more of an impact if you make yours interesting. This is no easy task, particularly when you consider the prompt that you have to work with. Scholarship competitions may ask you to address multiple questions in a single personal statement or essay.

It can be helpful to look at some models. The winners are not all creative writers! You might study the 2009 winner of the Campus RN Mountain Region Scholarship. Much of the essay is in simple sentences. The applicant outlines his belief that it is a moral obligation to improve the health of his community. He also tells a pertinent story: As a little boy, he told another child that he might get sick because he didn’t wash his mango. The other child didn’t listen and did get sick. The wheels started turning in his head: If he was a nurse, things would be different…

We didn’t all grow up with outbreaks of cholera, but we all have events in our lives that shaped our values and our goals. It can be helpful to find these. How do your past and present relate?

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Wyoming

Wyoming Community Foundation

313 S. 2nd Street, Laramie, Wyoming 82070


University of Wyoming Nursing Scholarships

Dept 3065, 1000 E University Avenue, Laramie, WY 82071


Wyoming Healthcare Provider Loan Repayment Program


Wyoming Advance Practice Nurse Scholarship

P.O. Box 20752, Cheyenne, WY 82003


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