Scholarships for Nursing Students in Texas

Interested in becoming a nurse or in taking your nursing career to the next level? If you’ve got the aptitude and the passion, the Lone Star State can use you! There is nursing scholarship money to be had. As the website of the Good Samaritan Foundation notes, more than half of nursing students work significant hours while in school, so financial aid makes it easier to concentrate on studies, graduate on time, and pass certifying exams. Grant and scholarships are free money for schooling — you don’t have to pay them back.

Don’t be afraid to apply for nursing scholarship moneys even if you already have a RN degree. There is an especially strong need for highly trained graduate level nurses. The Good Samaritan Foundation notes that at the root of impending nursing crisis in Texas is a shortage of nursing educators with master’s level educations who can educate a new generation of nurses. Some of the same organizations, governmental and private, offer nursing scholarships at different levels, though the amount will likely be higher at higher levels. There are some grants you are eligible for primarily on the basis of being a Texan. Other scholarships have additional requirements, like living in a particular region of the state or attending a particular school.

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Nursing Scholarship Requirements in Texas

Vocational and professional nursing students who attend in-state universities, either public or private, are eligible to apply for nursing scholarships through College for all Texans. Some scholarships are targeted specifically toward rural students. Awards are up to $1,500 for vocational nursing students, and up to $2,500 for professional ones. Minimum requirements are simple: You must register with the selective service if required to. You must enroll at least half time. You must also have a need for financial assistance.

Texas students can also apply for nursing scholarship assistance through the Good Samaritan Foundation, which has helped finance over 15,000 nursing students over a sixty year history.

Those who intend to serve in rural communities may receive assistance through the Outstanding Rural Scholar Recognition Program. This is a loan scholarship program where repayment is not require if you fulfill a service obligation after program completion. In order to be considered, you will need to be sponsored by a health organization in one of Texas nonmetropolitan counties. This organization will provide half the loan scholarship in exchange for future service; the state will provide the other half This is a way for rural communities to train their own health professionals — people they know and trust. You don’t have to be currently enrolled to be accepted, but you do have to be committed.

Additional nursing scholarship opportunities are available for nursing students who live in particular Texas communities. Professional nursing students at any level who attend a San Antonio school can apply for a Nightingale Award. This scholarship is competitive and requires a student narrative that describes both nursing aspirations and past record in community service.

Nursing Scholarship Professional Advice – TX

Texas rewards initiative! Eventually, you will be looking for a healthcare employer; if you go through the process before you complete your schooling, it may be that your schooling will be paid for. Remember that there are a number of professional organizations for those in healthcare fields, and that they are open to student members as well. At the same time, be sure of your own commitment level before making formal agreements.

What else should a prospective scholarship student have in mind? Students sometimes take themselves out of the running by turning in incomplete materials or written materials with errors. Allow yourself plenty of time, and double check your work.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Texas

College for all Texans Nursing Scholarships


Good Samaritan Foundation

5615 Kirby Drive, Suite 610 Houston, TX 77005-2462


Outstanding Rural Scholar Recognition Program


Nightingale Scholarship Program

Med Center Rotary Club, 5411 Jackwood, San Antonio, TX 78238


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