Scholarships for Nursing Students in Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be a small state, but there are big opportunities for nurses. Rhode Island’s nursing students may apply for state, regional, and national scholarships. Some nursing scholarship competitions are joint ventures by Rhode Island organizations and those of Massachusetts and other New England states.

Many scholarships are designed to help students who have the potential for success, but face some obstacles along the way. Some awards consider only merit; many take financial need into account as well. In addition to these factors, a person’s scholarship opportunities will be influenced by their professional memberships, their minority status, and by the particular school that they attend.

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Nursing Scholarship Requirements in Rhode Island

The Nursing Foundation of Rhode Island administers multiple scholarships in amounts of $500 or $1,000. Most require an essay which addresses the need for the scholarship. The Clare Sullivan Memorial Nurse Leader Scholarship, for nurses studying at the BSN level, has an additional requirement. The applicant’s essay must address leadership potential as well as short and long term goals. Applications for this competition are due April 1st, though references have until June 1 to send in their letters. Other Foundation scholarships have May and June application deadlines.

Rhode Island nursing students studying at various levels (diploma, ADN, BSN, RN to BSN) can also compete for the Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Nursing Scholarship, administered through the Rhode Island Foundation. Applications for this award should be submitted by April 15.

Students at various levels (PN, RN, graduate level nursing educators) can apply for scholarship assistance from the Massachusetts/ Rhode Island League for Nursing (MARLIN). The deadline is late February for the PN scholarship, and late July for the RN one. Prospective nursing educators should apply in July if they are in a doctoral program, in February if they are studying at the master’s or post-master’s level. The process is somewhat different at different levels PN and RN level candidates need to have their references fill out a form where they objectively rate their strengths in different areas.

African American nurses may apply for scholarships through NERBNA (the New England Regional Black Nurses Association). Essays should address financial need and community contributions as well as some formative experience that made the person who they are. Materials should be submitted by the 26th of March.

Individual schools are another source of scholarship opportunities. Students who have finished their junior year at Rhode Island College can apply for the Karla Carroll Memorial Scholarship. For this competition, students should include, in their essay, examples of how they help people.

Hospitals are yet another scholarship source. The RN Scholarship Loan Program is in Massachusetts, but recruiting in Rhode Island as well. Loan scholarship programs entail a specific work commitment after graduation.

Nursing Scholarship Professional Advice – RI

There are several things to keep in mind when applying for scholarships. The first is to remember the purpose of the individual award. Some of the endowments were created by loved ones to commemorate the lives of nurses. The Karla Carroll Memorial Scholarship, for example, was started by Carroll’s mother after a plane crash claimed her life. The purpose of this particular award is to contribute her contributions and her giving nature. The essay should reflect this.

Other essays, though, give more weight to different factors, including need. If you take stock of your life, you may use some of the same anecdotes again and again. It’s rare, though, that you can actually reuse an essay.

Another thing to be aware of is that the scholarship world is ever changing. Hospitals often offer loan scholarships in areas that are hard to fill; the specifics may change as their needs change. Keep on the look out for new opportunities.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Rhode Island

Nursing Foundation of Rhode Island

PO Box 41702, Providence, RI 02940


The Rhode Island Foundation

One Union Station, Providence, RI 02903


Massachusetts/ Rhode Island League for Nursing




RN Scholarship Loan Program


Rhode Island College Nursing Scholarships

600 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Providence, RI 02908-1991


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