Scholarships for Nursing Students in Ohio

How is Ohio — and the nation — meeting an increasing demand for highly trained nurses? Grants and nursing scholarships are a part of the picture. Traditionally, scholarships have been given based on merit (essays, transcripts, community service) while grants have been based on need. Today, many nursing scholarships take into account both factors.

In Ohio, nursing scholarships are administered through professional organizations and universities. The level of nursing degree you seek will determine the particular scholarships you are eligible for. In some cases, though, a single organization administers multiple scholarships for nursing students. This can actually simplify matters, as it is not always necessary to apply separately for each one.

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Nursing Scholarship Requirements in Ohio

If you know in high school that you want to be a nurse, you can apply for a Big33 scholarship. The organization provides awards to Ohio and Pennsylvania students. Among the donors are McNaughton Nursing and Hall Foundation Nursing.

If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you may also apply for a Service League Nursing Scholarship through Akron General. Scholarship amounts are variable — the stated goal is to give financial assistance to future BSN nurses. The application becomes available January 1 (or near that date) The deadline is two months later: March 1.

Even $1,000 can go a long way to making dreams into realities. The Ohio Nurses Foundation administers a number of nursing scholarships, suitable to different goals and walks of life. If you are a minority student pursuing a first nursing degree as an RN, you might apply for the Minority Student Scholarship. If you are an RN who wants to pursue advanced training, the RNs Majoring in Nursing Scholarship is among your options. If, on the other hand, you are not an RN, but are returning to school after an absence, you may be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship through the Students Returning to School to Major in Nursing Scholarship.

For prospective nursing educators, there is more than one option: the Senator Sue Morano Scholarship or the Mary Beth Hayward Scholarship. Cancer survivors and people with close relatives touched by cancer have their own scholarship: the Rice Memorial Scholarship. Apply for these awards by January 15. Scholarships may be renewed for a second year, but the process is not automatic — you’ll have to apply again.

There are also university-specific scholarship programs for Ohio nursing students. Some are available to general nursing students, others only to candidates in certain specialized programs. Students in neonatal, pediatric, or family nurse practitioner programs at the University of Ohio, for instance, are eligible to apply for (LEND) Leadership Educational Excellence in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities moneys.

Nursing specialty, minority status, and various circumstances will qualify you for other scholarships through national organizations. One such organization is Exceptional Nurses, which offers scholarships to nurses with disabilities and serious medical conditions.

Nursing Scholarship Professional Advice – OH

Always keep in mind the particular goals of the foundation you are applying to. A representative of Exceptional Nurse has offered the following advice: Make sure you address all questions that are asked. Remember that the scholarship committee has many essays to read, so make yours sparkle. If there is a personal story that has influenced your decision to become a nurse, weave it into the essay, but it shouldn’t necessarily become the whole essay.

Other scholarship committees advise students to double check work and make sure there is no missing information. Surprisingly, scholarship committees see many such applications; sometimes a majority of application packets are incomplete, so make sure you pay attention to all the requirements prior to sending it in.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Ohio

Akron General

400 Wabash Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44307


The Foundation of the Ohio Nurses Association

4000 East Mai Street, Columbus, Ohio 43213




Ohio State University College of Nursing

1585 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-1216


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