Scholarships for Nursing Students in North Dakota

Nursing scholarships can see you through school and get you on to the next phase in your career. Which scholarships should you apply for? It depends not only on your aptitudes, but on your commitment to North Dakota and to particular institutions within the state.

In North Dakota, nursing scholarships are offered through hospitals and long term care facilities as well as schools and private foundations. Those offered through hospitals generally require a work commitment; school-based scholarships, meanwhile, do not make specifications about where you work after you graduate. It should be noted that some scholarships are administered through the financial aid office of your school even if they are not limited to the students at that school.

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Nursing Scholarship Requirements in North Dakota

Trinity Health Foundation offers work service scholarships. These can provide as much as $2,000 a semester, plus a $250 living allowance if you are employed while attending. You do have to take a job with Trinity within 90 days of completing your education. If you stay at the job a year, the first $2,000 is forgiven. If you fail to work at the institution for a sufficient period of time, though, you will need to make monetary repayment. The application packet includes references, professional fitness questions, transcripts, and a one to two page personal statement. The personal statement should describe the life experiences which led to your selection of nursing as a career.

If you are currently employed in long term care, and you want to take your education to the next level (LPN to RN or RN to BSN), you can apply for the Allan B. Engen Nursing Scholarship. You are eligible to apply if you work at (and are referred by) any North Dakota Long Term Care Association site. Applications are due September 1.

The University of North Dakota College of Nursing offers a number of school-specific scholarships. Some are available to general nursing students; others only to graduate students. The Sharon O. Lambeth Nursing Graduate Student Endowment gives priority to students who are writing a thesis or dissertation that relates to Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, or health care policy.

There are also regional scholarship opportunities. As a resident of North Dakota, you can apply for the Mountain Region CampusRN scholarship. You will be expected to write an essay about your goals. This is common to many scholarships; one unique thing about this competition is that your essay may be posted on a blog. Your peer’s comments can in fact help determine the winner. Some people write their best when they have an audience that they can envision. If this is you, you may well want to read some of the essays on the blog and take a shot at this competition.

Nursing Scholarship Professional Advice – ND

It can help to have clear goals — not just that you want to be a nurse, but what you want to contribute. It may be that you are already in a healthcare profession or have had life experiences which have made you sure. If you don’t have much concrete experience yet, you may want to put in some volunteer hours, do job shadowing, or join a professional organization. This can increase your credibility — and also make it easier to write your application essay.

For many, the essay is the most intimidating part of the process. Before writing, you will want to take stock of your most memorable experiences. Reading other’s personal essays can inspire you if you start feeling like you have nothing to say. You will find exemplary writing on sites like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in North Dakota

Trinity Health

Human Resources, One Burdick Expwy. West, P.O. Box 5020, Minot, ND 58702-5020


North Dakota Long Term Care Association

1900 N 11th St, Bismarck, ND 58501


University of North Dakota

Nursing – Nursing Bldg, 430 Oxford St Stop 9025, Grand Forks ND 58202




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