Scholarships for Nursing Students in Nebraska

It can be a struggle to pay for nursing school. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to pay the full cost yourself. The government has several grant programs for students who have low incomes or are at the beginning of their educational careers. There are also many nursing scholarship programs out there.

When pursuing such opportunities, it pays to take stock of some things at the onset. What makes you unique? You might be surprised at some of the niche scholarships available in the world of nursing. Some favor children of veterans or members of particular ethnic groups.

Another thing to take into consideration is what your commitment level is — to Nebraska as well as to the field. Loan scholarships ask for a work service commitment; if you move, or can’t meet the terms for some reason, then the obligation must be repaid with cash. For the right person, though, these opportunities can prove ideal. It can be nice indeed to simultaneously find a future employer and a little help with the bills.

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Nursing Scholarship Requirements in Nebraska

If you have a relative who is a veteran and you are beginning your nursing career as an LPN, you may be eligible for a $300 scholarship to set you on your way. You will need a letter of approval from your local American Legion unit as well as references from three other people. References should include a clergy person, a businessperson, and, if you are currently in high school, an academic representative (like a school counselor or superintendent).

Nursing students with financial need can apply for $1,000 awards through the State of Nebraska Nursing Student Loan Fund. Loans are forgiven if students meet their work service obligation. Students should contact the financial aid office at their own nursing school for details.

Undergraduate nursing students throughout the state can also apply for $500 scholarships through the Nebraska Nurses Association. Like many scholarship competitions, the NNA requires an essay on why the student chose the nursing field and what they hope to accomplish. Other required materials include references and transcripts. September 14 is the postmark deadline.

Some scholarships are designed for healthcare workers who are seeking a higher certification or bridging to RN status. Workers who are already employed at Nebraska hospitals are eligible to apply for Undergraduate Health Care Career Scholarships through the Nebraska Hospital Association.

Nursing students in Nemaha and Richardson counties have some additional options. They can apply for scholarships through the Heartland Foundation. Some are available to general nursing students who are enrolled in various tracks and degree programs. The Doris R. Hines, Ph.D, RN, CET Nursing Scholarship competition, though, is open only to those pursuing nursing degrees at the graduate level. Applications are due the first of July.

Nursing Scholarship Professional Application Advice

Applying for scholarships can be an intimidating process. Keep in mind that just by beginning the process early and getting in all the required materials, you have placed yourself above many applicants — some of whom may be very talented individuals. Surprisingly, scholarship committees sometimes report that a majority of the application packets they receive are missing important information. The presentation of the application and essay often does matter. Here again, it helps to allow yourself enough time.

Keep in mind the purpose of the award. In some cases, you’re simultaneously applying for employment and monetary assistance. Be sure to present yourself as someone they’ll want to hire. If you’re at the early stages of your nursing career, they’ll want to know that you’ve had the types of experiences that let you know the field is right for you.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Nebraska

Nebraska Nursing Student Loan Fund


American Legion Auxiliary Department of Nebraska

PO Box 5227, Lincoln, NE 68505-0227


Nebraska Nurses Association

PO Box 82086, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501


Nebraska Hospital Association

3255 Salt Creek Circle, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68504-4761


The Heartland Foundation

518 S 6th Street, St. Joseph, Missouri 64501


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