Scholarships for Nursing Students in Washington DC

A nursing education can be a path to a rewarding career. For many students, though, the cost is daunting. Scholarships can help finance your education, whether you’re starting your career as an LPN or RN or working your way up the career ladder.

D.C. nursing scholarships come in two main categories: those that require a service commitment and those that don’t. Some awards are made on the basis of general merit and/or commitment to the nursing profession. These may be awarded by individual schools or by professional organizations. The money may be used for tuition and other expenses as long as you remain a student and in good standing. Other health profession scholarships require a service commitment. They may be awarded by a hospital or a governmental organization. These awards can pay most of the cost of your education. They do require a good deal of commitment, though. If you move or are otherwise unable to honor the terms of your work commitment, you will have a debt to repay.

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Nursing Scholarship Opportunities in Washington D.C.

Students of African American descent may apply for scholarships through the Black Nurses Association of Greater Washington, D.C. Area, Inc. There are different competitions for students at different stages in their careers. The Margaret Pemberton Scholarship and the BNA Founders Scholarship are for graduating high school seniors only. The Dr. Johnella Banks Memorial Scholarship is for general LPN and BSN students while the Felicia C. Brady Memorial Scholarship is for registered nurses who are pursuing degrees at the BSN, MSN, or doctoral level. All competitions ask for letters of recommendation and a personal statement. All invite the candidate to include additional documentation, for example, awards received. The Dr. Johnella Banks Memorial Scholarship asks candidates to write an essay specifying how black nurses can enhance health in the African American community.

What additional competitions are available for students who are ready for a commitment? Washington Hospital Center, in cooperation with Georgetown University, offers an 80% tuition scholarship to students in the accelerated BSN program. To be eligible, you must have a bachelor’s degree in another field and be prepared to commit to three year’s employment at Washington Hospital. The application includes an essay about a lesson you learned while overcoming a challenge — and how this lesson can now help you in your studies and your nursing career. Application cycles close August 1 and February 1.

Service-minded graduate students are eligible to apply for scholarship assistance through CareFirst. The CareFirst service area includes Maryland and Northern Virginia as well as the District of Columbia. Scholarships are for nurses pursuing master’s level education that will allow them to become nurse educators. Those interested in learning more may contact the CareFirst representative, Kevin Kane.

Nursing Scholarship Application Tips

Well over 50% of the population of the District of Columbia is minority, so multiple scholarship competitions include minority status as a criteria. Remember that there are two purposes to such awards. One is to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds; the other is to help patients.

Competitions like the Dr. Johnella Banks Memorial ask students to address how their experiences can help them work effectively with members of particular groups. Some programs, like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and CampusRN, publish essays by winning candidates. You can look on these sites to see how other students have tied their life experiences to their future aspirations. If you are at an early stage in your education, you may want to seek out experiences such as job shadowing or volunteering; these can help you form narrow and focused goals. Scholarships often go to those who have not only a dream but a roadmap.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Washington D.C.

Black Nurses Association of Greater Washington, D.C.

Post Office Box 55285, Washington, D.C. 20040


Georgetown University Scholars

212 St. Mary’s Hall, Box 571107, 3700 Reservoir Road NW, Washington, DC 20057-1107



Post Office Box 55285, Washington, D.C. 20040