Scholarships for Nursing Students in Colorado

Are you interested in becoming a nurse in Colorado, or in taking your nursing career to the next level — becoming a nurse practitioner, perhaps? There are a number of scholarship programs that can help you achieve your dreams, wherever they may lie. While more general governmental grants and credits are aimed at those in the beginning stages of postsecondary education, many nursing scholarships are actually designed to help nurses move up the career ladder. Why? Nationwide, there is greater demand for nurses with higher levels of education. Those at the highest levels even take on some jobs traditionally reserved for doctors.

There are many levels of nursing education from vocational to doctoral level. The level of education you are currently pursuing will go a long way toward determining which scholarships you are eligible for. Some scholarships are open only to advance practice nurses, for example, and others to nurses who are pursuing particular specialties.

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Nursing Scholarship Requirements in Colorado

The Colorado Nurses Foundation administers scholarships for students at a variety of levels, from the second year student in an associate’s level program through the baccalaureate and master’s level candidate and on up to the doctorate level. Different names and donors are listed, and some scholarships are designed for use by students at particular schools, but there is a common application.

There are also undergraduate and graduate scholarships specifically for students attending Regis University and the University of Colorado Denver. If you are a University of Colorado nursing student, look for scholarship details for the coming academic year in July.

Are you a graduate student who has published research? The Friends of Nursing scholarship may be for you. The scholarship is open to both BSN and MSN students, but there are some differences. At the graduate level, publications and research are considered. At each level, the committee takes into consideration community involvement and letters of reference, as well as grades and financial need. Like many scholarship competitions, an essay is required. The last deadline was in late October, but future deadlines are subject to change.

The Colorado Society of Advance Practice Nurses (CSAPN) offers scholarships for RNs who are pursuing master’s level education to become APRNs, and also to advance practice nurses pursuing further education at the doctorate level. CSAPN membership is not required, but it does confer an advantage in the selection process. There is an additional scholarship for a candidate who is pursuing training as a nurse educator. Application deadlines are in February, June, and November. At least one reference is required.

Nursing Scholarship Professional Advice – CO

There are several things to keep in mind when assembling a scholarship application package. Attention to detail is important. This may determine your eligibility; it will also form a part of the impression of the scholarship committee. If you take your time, and work with care and an attention to detail, the committee more likely to believe that you will do the same as a student and as an employee. Scholarship committees report receiving many incomplete packages.

In addition to the required materials, remember that there are additional, optional criteria that may ultimately decide whether you get that scholarship. These can include professional memberships and various service activities. These are the things that may have helped you know that nursing was right for you; they can also demonstrate commitment to the committee. Scholarship winners don’t all have perfect GPAs or exotic experiences. A scholarship foundation member has noted that it is important that there are many factors taken into consideration, and that a candidate shouldn’t get hung up on things they don’t have.

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Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Colorado

Colorado Nurses Association

East Arapahoe Road #211, Centennial, Colorado 80112


Friends of Nursing

PO Box 735, Engelwood, Colorado 80151


Colorado Society of Advance Practice Nurses

Colorado Nurses’ Association, Denver, Colorado 80250


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