Scholarships for Nursing Students in Alabama

Many students have the skills for a nursing career, and the passion for it, too. Unfortunately, the cost of the degree can seem daunting. Whether you’re currently enrolled, or are just beginning to consider the field, you’ll be glad to know there are a lot of nursing scholarship opportunities. Some are simply a gift of money to be used for your educational expenses. You get that award by convincing the committee you deserve that opportunity.

Other programs are loan scholarships which require a work commitment, often for the first two years or so after graduation. During that time, you do receive a regular paycheck. Your work also entitles to write off forever the cost of your education, or at least a significant portion of it. If for some reason you don’t meet this obligation, then your educational costs become a loan or debt.

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Nursing Scholarship Requirements in Alabama

The Brookwood Medical Center offers several loan scholarships to nursing students at different levels who are committed to working at Brookwood upon program completion. Generally, ADN scholarships are worth $3,000, BSN scholarships, $5,000, and MSN scholarships, $7,500. There is an additional BSN scholarship, the Margaret Israel Millsap Scholarship, which requires membership in the Association of Nursing Students. It is worth $6,000. Transcripts, resume, and recommendations are required. The minimum GPA is 3.0.

DCH Health Systems also offers several scholarships. These awards have March 31 deadlines. Some of the competitions are open only to those already within the system. The DCH Foundation Scholarship is open to current employees and their dependents; candidates should be pursuing associate’s and bachelor’s level nursing degrees or be on the road to becoming neonatal nurse practitioners. Winners are given a $1,000 award. Residents of Tuscaloosa County and the surrounding areas who are pursuing health degrees not offered within the county are given first priority in the DCH Regional Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary Scholarship. The Peggy Simpson Ford Scholarship is another $1,000 award. Physical therapy and respiratory therapy students are given first priority, but nursing students also considered. Career goals and economic hardship should be addressed in the personal statement. The application asks for SAT or ACT scores.

Graduate students may compete for one of fifteen lucrative scholarships given out each year by the Alabama Board of Nursing. The application date is July 30. Scholarships are worth approximately $3,800, but the amount may vary by year.

Nursing schools are an additional source of nursing scholarships. The University of Alabama offers a number of nursing scholarships, many of which are given in honor or remembrance of alumni or other health professionals. A single application is sufficient to put you in the running for whichever ones you are qualified for. The application is due on January 15.

Students with particular focuses / specialties are eligible for nursing scholarships. Pilot International Foundation offers several scholarships for nursing students at different levels who will be pursuing careers with children who have brain injuries or disorders.

Nursing Scholarship Professional Advice – AL

What do scholarship foundations want? They want to help you achieve your dreams, particularly if it didn’t seem to be in your future — if, for example, you’re the first person in your family to go to college. In a field like nursing, they also want to know that the gift they give is going to trickle down and help others. How will it in its own small way ease the impending nursing crisis? What you write depends in part on the donor organization; what you tell a future employer may be different than what you tell someone who is financing you because you’re a member of a historically underrepresented group. Your past and future are interrelated, though, as your own struggles determine what drives you and who you in turn will help.

Begin the process early. In some competitions, a significant number — even a majority — of applicants turn in incomplete packets. Make sure you have everything together that you want an organization offering a nursing scholarship to see.

Contact Information for Nursing Scholarships in Alabama

Brookwood Medical Center

2010 Brookwood Med Ctr Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35209


DCH Foundation

809 University Boulevard East, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401


Alabama Board of Nursing

P.O. Box 303900, Montgomery, AL 36130


University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing

Box 870358, 504 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0358


Pilot Club of Tuscaloosa


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