MSN Programs in New Hampshire

There are a variety of reasons that nurses today are returning to school to get their master's in nursing, but most all have one thing in common. They desire to be leaders in their profession and want to expand the opportunities that are available to them as nurses in a booming health care industry.

Online MSN Programs Offered in New Hampshire

As you explore this site, you will find that their are small number of MSN programs offered at colleges and universities in New Hampshire, as well as a number of accredited online options to consider. Being that there are only a handful of MSN programs offered at New Hampshire campuses, the online MSN programs have become a popular and convenient alternative for students.

By the time you have decided that you want to pursue your master's degree in nursing, you probably have already made up your mind about what you would like to specialize in. As you know there are a number of directions in which you can take your career, but many do require a masters level of education. Below you will find MSN programs that offer concentrations in nursing administration, education, leadership and management, and various roles of advance practice nursing. Many programs, particularly those that specialize in areas of advance practice nursing in New Hampshire, will require a clinical component in addition to classroom learning. The schools that offer online MSN programs make a concerted effort to arrange the clinical practicums at a health care facility neat your home or current place of work.

Any of the programs listed below can help get you started on the next phase of your nursing career. The majority of MSN degree programs require that you already have a bachelor's degree in nursing and some degree of nursing experience. Explore the campus based and online MSN degree options for New Hampshire nurses and request information to learn more about those programs that interest you most.

Colleges Based in New Hampshire Offering MSN Programs

University of New Hampshire

The nursing programs are CCNE accredited.

Programs Offered: Direct Entry Master's Program (2nd Degree), Master's in Nursing (FNP, EBN, or CNL concentrations), and Post Master's Certificates in Nursing.

  • 4 Library Way
    Durham, NH 03824
    Phone: 603-862-2390

Rivier College

The nursing programs are NLNAC accredited.

Programs Offered: MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner Track, Nursing Education Track, ARNP Degree Completion option.

  • Rivier College
    420 South Main Street
    Nashua, NH 030604
    Phone: 603-897-8219

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