LPN Programs in Indiana

Becoming an LPN in Indiana requires the successful completion of an LPN program accredited by the Indiana State Board of Nursing as well as passing of the NCLEX-PN exam for national certification. The LPN programs found below are accredited by the Indiana State Board of Nursing and graduates are eligible to apply for and sit for the NCLEX-PN exam.

LPNs in Indiana may work under the supervision of an LPN, licensed Physician, Dentist, Chiropractor, Optometrist or a Podiatrist. LPNS work within the scope of practice determined by the state, which includes duties such as assess the health status of the patients they are caring for, collaborate with superiors and colleagues to develop a strategy of care for each patient, modify and implement the determined strategy of care, and provide safe and effective patient care. Practical nursing programs will provide the necessary didactic and clinical training needed to perform these nursing skills.

LPNs in Indiana find jobs in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospitals, physician offices, clinics and related health care facilities. According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, LPNs in Indiana make a median annual salary of $36,900, which works out to a median hourly wage of $17.74. These salary and hourly numbers will vary based on experience, geographical location, facility type and other factors, but offers a ballpark number.

Medical Assisting is a related occupation with similar job responsibilities, though the training can take significantly less time than an LPN program. Learn more about Medical Assisting schools in Indiana as well as the career itself. According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Strategic Research & Development Division, job growth for medical assistance is projected at 33% through 2016 making it one of the hottest careers in Indiana.