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To become an LPN in Georgia, the Georgia Board of Examiners of LPN's requires that applicants for licensure successfully complete an LPN program approved by the Board. If you have attended an LPN program outside the state of Georgia, the Board requires that that program's courses and content requirements be equal or higher than that required of LPN programs in Georgia. In addition to the required education, the Board requires all LPN's to pass the NCLEX-PN with an acceptable score prior to licensure. You will find the Board approved LPN programs in Georgia listed below with their contact information as well as some related programs and careers.

LPN in programs in Georgia combine nursing theory, didactic curriculum and clinical preceptorships to educate and prepare the practical nurse for the licensure exam and practicing as an LPN upon graduation. In general, students will be educated in the promotion of health, prevention of illness and injury and restoration and maintenance of physical and mental health. Typical courses and preceptorships include training in medical terminology, basic micro-biology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, principles of IV therapy, medication administration techniques and principles, nursing process and critical thinking skills, control and prevention of infectious disease, CPR, some leadership and management skills, patient education techniques, counseling techniques and related topics. The Georgia Board of Examiners of LPN's requires that a minimum of 700 hours be spent on theoretical content and a minimum of 700 hours be spent on clinical practice/preceptorships. Full-time programs will take no longer than 18 months to complete and part-time programs will take no longer than 36 months to complete.

LPN's in Georgia work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, Licensed Physician, podiatrist or dentist, which opens a wide range of career possibilities. LPN's have direct patient contact and are integral parts of the health care team. They provide patient safety and comfort, administer medications and treatments through various routes and perform many other tasks that fall within there education. There is no scope of practice for LPN's in the state of Georgia, so what the Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Practical Nurses Rules states is that LPN's are liable if they perform any task that they have not been prepared for in their education or experience. This is why there are so many requirements set by the board for LPN programs in Georgia. The LPN programs in Georgia must be extremely thorough and cover many areas of practical nursing, which prepares LPN's many types of work environments.

LPN's find employment in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, emergency treatment facilities and related health care facilities. Popular areas of practice for LPN's in Georgia include surgical care recovery, intensive care, obstetrics, dialysis, home health care and coronary care. The Georgia Labor Market Explorer Occupational Outlook projects a positive change of 19% in job growth for LPN's in Georgia through 2016. The Georgia Labor Market Explorer Occupational Wages: found that the median annual salary for LPN's in Georgia was $34,400 and the median hourly pay was $16.56. These numbers will obviously depend on a variety of factors including experience, location, facility type and other factors. This data supports taking the next step in your career and entering the field of health care. Find a program convenient for you and contact them to get answers to questions pertaining to financial aid, admission requirements, program start dates and any other questions you may have.

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LPN Schools in Georgia Approved by the Georgia Board of Examiners of LPN's

Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Practical Nurses

Approved Programs Offered: Practical Nursing Programs

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