RN - MSN Completion Programs in Connecticut

The idea of RN to MSN programs is to offer a bridge for registered nurses who have a diploma or associate's level education in nursing. In keeping within the guidelines for CCNE and NLNAC accreditation, these programs incorporate the baccalaureate education prior to presentation of master's level course work. In fact, many programs will offer both the baccalaureate degree as well as the master's degree upon successful completion of the program. Students can expect these programs to take around three years to complete.

The MSN degree is the logical step for registered nurses looking to advance their careers into an advanced practice role such as, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist or clinical nurse specialists. It is also the degree needed for entry to doctorate level programs for nursing faculty educator roles at most universities and colleges.

RN to MSN Programs Offered in CT

Online RN to MSN programs are offered in Connecticut by some well known colleges and universities located around the United States. Practicums at clinical sites within the student's local geography can often be arranged by the student and faculty. This is the ideal way for registered nurses to pursue their education while maintaining a work and life balance. Request information from the well known nursing schools below to learn more. There are also campus based RN to MSN program options in Connecticut that can be found below as well. You may also be interested in the RN to BSN Programs offered in Connecticut.

Schools in Connecticut Offering an RN to MSN Program

Sacred Heart University - School of Nursing

Programs Offered: RN - MSN Nursing Completion Programs (Clinical Nurse Leader, Family Nurse Practitioner, Patient Care Services Administration Tracks)

  • Sacred Heart University, 5151 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06825-1000, PH: 203-371-7999

Southern Connecticut State University - Dept. of Nursing

Programs Offered: Bridge program for registered nurses with a baccalaureate degree outside of the nursing field.

  • Southern Connecticut State University - Nursing Department, 501 Crescent Street, New Haven, CT 06515, PH: 203-392-6475

University of Connecticut - School of Nursing

Programs Offered: MSN - Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, MSN - Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, MSN - Neonatal Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), RN to MS, Clinical Nurse Leader, Community Health - Clinical Nurse Specialist, Patient Care Services & Systems Administration

  • University of Connecticut - School of Nursing, 231 Glenbrook Rd. U-2026, Storrs, CT 06269-2026, PH: 860-486-3716

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